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Message from the principal

John Rautenbach, PrincipalIt is my pleasure, as Principal, to introduce you to Taumarunui High School. We have a proud tradition of welcoming international students from across the globe to our school, and support every student to feel like they belong in our wonderful part of the world. Our town is centrally positioned between Auckland and Wellington in the Heart of New Zealand’s North Island. Taumarunui is located near the foot of Mount Ruapehu and at the convergence of the Whanganui and Ongarue rivers. Our school is steeped in tradition and opportunity, and we offer a high quality education in a caring, friendly environment.

We have fantastic school grounds, facilities and open areas where our students can relax and socialise. Our classrooms and buildings are regularly upgraded and have high quality equipment to aid learning and teaching and our teachers are passionate and committed.

We believe the people who will be successful in the future are those who are adaptable, who thrive on challenge, who have a strong sense of personal values, and who continue to improve themselves throughout their lives.

Through the New Zealand Curriculum we have had the opportunity to review our teaching and learning programmes and to focus on a range of learning opportunities that meet the needs of our students. We aim to produce young adults who are confident, who are connected to their communities, who strive for excellence and develop the skills to become lifelong learners.

I invite you to become part of a school community prepared to meet the challenges of the 21st Century with confidence and assurance.



John Rautenbach

Meet our head students

Kaelin Hape (Head Boy)

Kaelin Hape, Head BoyI enjoy my sports, rugby is my passion at the moment. This year will be my second year playing for Taumarunui High School First XV. I can’t wait to run onto the field with my fellow players. I call them brothers. The reason I call them brothers, is because the First XV isn’t just a team, we are a family and we look after each other no matter what. We also keep up with our four A’s because if any one of us ignore the rules then it reflects back on all of us.

I knew taking on the Head Boy for 2017 was going to be hard work and a lot of commitment, but being a good role model for all the other students is the most important role of all.

Davina Zimmer (Head Girl)

Davina Zimmer, Head GirlBeing head girl has been a goal of mine since Year nine. I remember watching student leaders give speeches at assemblies and walk around wearing their ‘number ones’ and thinking “I want that to be me one day.” My main passion is the Arts, but this was a passion that only started when I entered high school. Although I have been playing violin for about ten years, I never really did any performing and never dreamed of auditioning for any shows. However, after watching musicals that the high school put on, and receiving encouragement from a few of our many supportive teachers within our school I finally built up the courage to audition for the up and coming show.

Three years later and I can’t imagine why I didn’t start performing sooner. I believe that everybody has the ability to achieve something incredible. At Taumarunui high school we are given so many amazing opportunities and tools to fuel these successes. But at the end of the day, it is how we seize these opportunities and use the tools given to us that determines how great our success is.

What I love about Taumarunui High School is that it’s such a diverse school, that caters for every student, from kayaking and snow sports to science fairs and musicals, Taumarunui high school really is not your typical country school.

Niklas Meindl (International Head Boy)

Niklas Meindl, International Head BoyHi my name is Niklas Meindl and I’m the International Head Boy 2017 for Taumarunui High School. My home country is Switzerland and my home city is Kirchdorf close to Zuerich. I used to be in the Swiss national snowboard team and I have played a lot of team sports as a student. One of my other passions is videography which actually really started when I came to New Zealand and has developed into something very interesting using it for sports and social occasions.

I started going to Taumarunui High School in the middle of last year, and it has been an amazing time since then. The balance between the academic side of the school and the amazing project days on Thursday and Friday, gave me and other students the chance, to not only have a good education but also to learn a lot of ‘life skills’. My goal for this year is to finish Year 13 and to achieve all the tasks ahead of me.

Kaiyah Te Ahuru (Deputer Head Boy)

Kaiyah Te Ahuru, Deputy Head BoyHi for those who don’t know me, my name is Kaiyah Te Ahuru and I am the deputy head boy for 2017. To be honest when I first started at THS I did not see myself becoming a senior student leader. I just thought, it is my last year at school so I want to give everything a go. As they say it is not the things you do in your life that you regret it’s the things you don’t do. In my spare time I practically live in the bush either chasing pigs or stalking deer I have always loved my hunting since I was a young boy. But this year I thought I would slow down on the hunting and concentrate on sports and play alongside my mates and brothers.

Since I have been at THS I have had some pretty cool times meeting new people, and some even cooler teachers. One of my favourite things would have to be kayaking which I have really enjoyed. You learn how to look like an expert doing tricks like the barrel roll and hand roll. We have the best time going down the river on Thursday and Friday projects. The last four years have gone by so quickly so I would just like to say to all the Year 9’s enjoy your time at high school because it goes so fast and pretty soon you’ll be in your final year and before you know it, you will have to join the real world.

Sinai Maru Kahukiwa (Deputy Head Girl)

Sinai Maru Kahukiwa, Deputy Head GirlHello, my name is Sinai and I am your Deputy Head Girl for 2017. When I started at Taumarunui High School I felt like I was thrown into a crazy place full of people that I was unsure of. I was quite introverted and shy, and it was hard adapting to the High School with its new environment. Although I realised it was a challenge I had to learn to overcome. Over the past four years I have had some amazing times and made some lifelong friends, and alongside a great education.

I have learnt a lot from my teachers and experienced so much more than at Primary School. I have enjoyed Art and Performing in the school’s Kapa Haka group, to name a couple of things. I have loved every minute of it.

This year I want to do more and create unforgettable memories with my friends who I love. I am going to try and do new things by being more adventurous within and outside of my studies. I want to be able to take new knowledge out into the real world. I want to have no regrets and try every area so I know for sure what I will want to do for a career. So I will carry on having a “give it a go” attitude as this is the best way.

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