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Taumarunui High School has a rich culture and history which helps keep the foundations of the school steadfast.

Close to National Park, the Turoa and Whakapapa ski fields, and accented by the incredible untouched surroundings of the King Country, our school makes the most of its geographical advantages. Outdoor Education plays a large part for many students in Taumarunui, and it’s no wonder why with such endless opportunities that are made available to them through our exclusive programmes. From kayaking to skiing, or mountain biking to hiking, Taumarunui High School’s Outdoor Education Programme is designed specifically for our surroundings.

However, the Outdoor Education Programme is just one of the many features of the school. Enriched with improved initiatives which have began to shape the school’s modern image, students take part in Junior Academies (which, by 2014, will have extended to Senior Academies also), Te Kotahitanga (mentoring and support), Restorative Practise, the Trades & Services Academy for senior students and many more. The school’s education structure goes hand-in-hand with 3 extended sessions every day, starting at 8.45am from Monday to Friday.

Extra-curricular culture is equally as strong at Taumarunui High School, from sport and groups hosted by students, staff and external support. In all aspects of our school, we will keep on ‘Striving for Excellence’, whether it be in academic or extra-curricular areas. Students will always be encouraged and given the necessary utilities to succeed.


Kia Manawanui – Be Steadfast


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