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Student Leaders 2024

image of Leland Seymour

Leland Seymour

Head Student

Kia Ora, my name is Leland Seymour and I am excited to be one of your Head Students at Taumarunui High School for 2024. I have attended this Kura since year 10 where I have developed many skills and attributes that have brought me here in this very honorable position today.

Being a Head Student at Taumarunui High School comes with various responsibilities, commitments, and sacrifices that I am willing to uphold to the best of my abilities; taking on any given opportunities and challenges that this year may bring, ensuring the best for our school.

My goal for 2024 is to extend myself and explore all areas of the school, to develop a better environment for my peers by creating new opportunities that people feel intrigued and interested in participating in, as well as being a role model for younger generations.

Apart from my role in leadership as Head Student, I have also set personal goals. This year I am aiming to achieve NCEA level 3 with an excellence endorsement, (the subjects that I\'m taking are English, history and home economics), as I would like to further my education after graduating.

Being a Head Student for 2024 will truly allow me to reach my potential and take on new things, I am super excited to see how this year goes!

image of Alex Reid

Alex Reid

Head Student

Kia Ora, I am Alex Reid one of the Head Students at Taumarunui High School for the year 2024. It is an honour for me to hold this leadership position within our Kura.

Being a Head Student for Taumarunui High School comes with various responsibilities, commitments, sacrifices, and decisions. As a Head Student I am fully committed to fulfilling these responsibilities to the best of my abilities.

My goal for 2024 is to ensure that opportunities are accessible to every student in our Kura, and help set my peers in the right direction. I want to be a part of developing our Kura into a more positive and supportive environment for my peers, where everyone feels included and no one is left behind. I strive to be a role model that my peers can look up to. I am here to offer support, assistance, and guidance whenever it is needed.

This year it is my goal to achieve NCEA level 3, so that I can further my education at University. I am grateful for this opportunity to allow me to reach my full potential, and go on to do great things in the future.

image of Jordan Ratu-Herbert

Jordan Ratu-Herbert

Head Student

Ko Ruapehu te maunga

Ko Whanganui te awa

Ko Aotea te waka

Ko te Atihaunui a Papa Rangi te iwi

Ko Ngāti Haua te hapu

Ko Wharauroa te marae

Ko Turoa te tangata

Ko Taumarunui High School te Kura

Ko Jordan ahau

Hi, my name is Jordan Ratu-Herbert. I am 17 years old and I live in a small town called Taumarunui. This is the last year I will attend Taumarunui High School, where I have plenty of mates, some of whom I have known for a long time. Currently, I have a part-time job at the RSA while I decide whether to pursue a career as a chef.

I live with my aunt, cousin, and niece. I come from a big family, which is pretty cool. My mums side of the family lives in Stratford, including my aunt, first cousin, while my dads side is from up north. I have numerous siblings, too many to count.

I am a good school leader because I am dedicated to serving my peers and promoting a positive learning environment. I actively listen to the concerns and ideas of students, and work collaboratively with teachers and staff to address them. I lead by example, demonstrating responsibility, respect, and enthusiasm for learning. I strive to inspire and empower my fellow students to achieve their academic and personal goals. Through effective communication, empathy, and a commitment to inclusivity, I aim to make a meaningful impact on my school community and foster a culture of success and mutual support.

image of Nikah Perez

Nikah Perez

Head Student

Hey my name is Nikah Perez, and I am one of the head students for 2024. I have lived in Taumarunui my whole life, and have been part of this Kura since Year 9.

As a head student I hope to have a positive influence on my peers. I want to communicate with the students at THS, and help guide them to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. I believe a leader should have leadership skills, compassion, dedication, commitment, and make sacrifices for those around them. My journey as a leader in 2023 taught me all about aiming for the best, and helping out my fellow students and community.

One thing about me is I am good at getting people motivated, working together and making sure we are all on the same page. I am all about communication and problem-solving, and I love coming up with new ideas to take on any challenges. My involvement in various extra-curricular activities and volunteering in the community has helped me get organized, and taught me how to take responsibility.

After school I plan on furthering my boxing career, and also further my knowledge in the sports industry in New Zealand. I want to help the up and coming sports generation in New Zealand.

As Head Student, I am here to set a good example, make sure everyone feels included, and do my part in making our school community even better.

image of Anouk Guillotel

Anouk Guillotel

Head Student

Hi my name is Anouk, I am 17 years old and a year 13 here at Taumarunui High School. I live in Owhango where I have grown up my whole life. My family is originally from France and both my parents love travelling. Because of this I have been fortunate enough to be able to also travel myself. Throughout our travels I have seen places where people live on absolutely nothing and are the happiest people on the planet. These trips gave me empathy and so much gratefulness for the life I have. I saw how tough it could be for them and how they push through everything and always thrive at the end. This is what I aspire to be like.

Throughout my years here at Taumarunui High School I have been involved in many activities, had many opportunities, and learnt many things along the way. When I leave school at the end of the year I want to study to be a marine biologist. I became a student leader to support and give everyone a say in what they want for our school. I think that it should not just be the staff and student leaders deciding what is best for our school I think every single person in this schools voices should be heard, as well as ours. Being a leader is not just about holding a title it is about being a role model. I am committed to leading by example, demonstrating integrity, kindness, and respect in everything I do. I want to promote a culture of honesty and fairness within our school.

Even though I am still young, I have already experienced more than many adults, and with this I have acquired many qualities which make me who I am today. All of these experiences have taught me the importance of working together, helping others, and being someone people can trust and rely on. I feel privileged to be a leader this year and I look forward to working with my fellow leaders to create great opportunities for our school.

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