Learning Through Projects

  • Create at least 4 learning plans each year, based on interests, talents, career plan, qualification needs, etc.
  • Incorporate the Learning Goals and the Learning Foci in the ILP.
  • Complete at least one project that has real-world concern.
  • Build a portfolio of work.
  • Complete a thesis project proposal at the end of Year 12.
  • Complete a thesis project in Year 13.

Learning Through Internships (LTI)

  • Participate in internships.
  • Complete in-depth LTI projects.

Curriculum Learning Areas


  • Level 1 NCEA Literacy
  • UE (Tertiary) Literacy


  • Level 1 NCEA Numeracy

Other Learning Areas Level 1-3 NCEA

  • Tutorials, Workshops, Tasks, Schoology Courses, Distance Learning Courses with Experts


  • Read 5 books at Yr11
  • Read 6 books at Yr12
  • Read 9 books at Yr13
  • Write in Journal 3x a week.
  • Write an autobiography in Yr12/13
  • Exhibit Learning 4x a year.
  • Visit tertiary institutions
  • Participate in excursions with the Advisory
  • Participate in service learning activities

Learning Goals

  • Empirical Reasoning: “How do I prove it?”
  • Quantitative Reasoning: “How do I measure, compare or represent it?”
  • Communication: “How do I take in and express ideas?”
  • Social Reasoning: “What are other people’s perspectives on this?”
  • Personal Qualities: “What do I bring to this?”

Learning Foci

  • Research Ability
  • Oral Communication and Presentation
  • Report Writing
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Well-being
  • Careers Education

Wellness Model

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